Friday, July 25, 2008

Malted Milk Balls

malted milk balls is the best thing that i tasted lately it melts in your mouth. Now in the summer its a big problem, the can melt it before it will melt in your mouth so its not such a good idea to place in a camp care packages. If you eat it as soon as you get it that's not a problem and I guarantee you that once you start eating the chocolate malt balls you will not be able to stop. Its not just like any Bulk Candy that you can limit yourself to a few its even not like nuts besides if you start eating pistachios then that can become addictive.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Camp is fun

Yes camp is fun. All the activities and the sports that we don't get to do when we are in the city. and of course the swimming yum we all like the pool, the refreshing cold water the crisp look ahhh. the only thing is that we are away from home and sometimes we get home sick until we get the yummy sleepover camp care packages from home ahhhh I love the camp gifts we get from home this gives us the strength to carry on and have fun and enjoy the the fun in camp so let go nuts and have some bulk candy and don't forget to put on the kippot. cheers