Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What the Different Types of Kippots Symbolize

The kippot is a symbol of the Jewish nation and is mostly worn at Bar Mitzvahs and weddings and is a part of the daily attire of the Jewish people. Although no one seems to know the inception of the kippot, most people believe that it is worn to show respect to the God above and to remind the wearer there is always something above you. A more practical thought is that since wearing the kippot identifies a person as a Jew, it’s difficult to commit any wrong, because it would identify him.

The kippot has many styles to it to distinguish the different sectors and the variations have been handed down from generation to generation. Accordingly, the Orthodox Jew would wear a large, smooth black kippot that is shaped like a bowl, while a religious Jew would wear a knitted kippot and a conservative Jew a satin Kippot and so on. In the present day however, a religious Jew might opt for a different type of covering on his head while a Jew who is not orthodox also might like to cover his head at a religious ceremony. The more rebellious Jewish boys on the other hand would prefer to wear a small black knitted kippot as a show of independence. There are some young Jews who wear anything they feel like just to confuse the elders so that they would really not know what sector he belong to.

The knitted kippot is said to be very common in the Bukhara Mountains where it woven in bright colors. It is also said to be a popular headwear in Sephardic communities. Wearing a knit kippot in such places signaled that you were a member of the Nationalist Zionist camp while a larger knit kippot symbolized a movement which produces most of the leading Rabbis in the Religious Zionist sectors. A more practical reason for wearing the knitted kippot was that it kept your head cool during the summer because of the ventilation a knitted cap provided. On a lighter vein it could be said that a knitted kippot was very useful as a pot holder or even to grip slippery jars and ice cold drinks.

It is generally the custom to wear personalized kippots at a Jewish wedding or Bar Mitzvah or for any Jewish occasion for that matter, mostly due to the fact that from ancient times it was necessary to highlight a Jewish celebration in different ways. For the special occasions however newly made kippots were specially made or ordered in elaborate styles and extravagant fabrics.

Friday, June 18, 2010

How Are Camp Care Packages Sent

Questions About Delivery

Sending a camp care packages can be a great opportunity to brighten your little campers special trip. Having one built and delivered for you makes them convenient and easy. How do you know when it will get there? How can you be sure all your products will still be in good form, especially in the summertime?

Chocolate and Ice Cream

Anytime you purchase chocolates or even kosher ice cream packages you worry about them being ruined before they arrive. However, with modern technologies and shipping methods, this is no longer something to fret about. Being that your package is being sent during the summer months it’s nice to have reassurance that your items can be sent properly and safely.

Chocolates are usually pretty safe as long as the weather is not above 78 degrees. You will want to make sure that delivery time is under 48 hours to ensure quality chocolate.

Ice Cream is less difficult to send then you may think. Many places that ship ice cream do so with dry ice or ice packs. The dry ice or ice packs are usually placed in a container that keeps cold temperatures. This ensures a frozen product upon delivery. You will want to immediately transfer your ice cream to a freezer upon receipt.

Shipping Methods

Camp care packages can be sent by different means. Regular postage can be considered as well as UPS shipping. The majority of companies use UPS shipping. UPS have been in business since 1907. They have nearly perfected quality delivery services.

There may be other means of delivery too. You just need to research the company you buy your camp care package from for details.

Upon Delivery

Any time mail is sent to a camp style facility, your recipient is not going to immediately receive their care package. Camps set up certain times during the day for mail time. Camp personnel have, for many years, been responsible for receipt and delivery of camp care packages. You will not have to worry about your loved one receiving their bulk candy package.

If you are sending chocolate or ice cream, you may want to make sure the company you order from sends detailed instructions for the package. This will ensure that the staff will do as needed to keep your camp care package safe and fresh.

No Need to Worry

In our time of technological break through and innovative technology, there is no need to worry about most deliveries anymore. With so many companies turning to online sales tactics, shipping and handling of goods is being tested, tried, and true every day. Most companies can send any product without a hitch.

Damaged Delivery

If you do receive damaged goods, consider a few things before trying to get your money back or your product replace. Did you follow their recommendations for delivery? If so and you still received a damaged packages, most businesses will offer either a full refund or a replacement package sent.