Monday, February 19, 2007

Kippot yarmulkes Company

He was truly the king of kippot, the man of skullcaps, the and the benefactor of beanies. As the fading sign in front of the factory boasted, the business, the A-1 Skull Cap Kippot Company, possessed or produced the largest stock of skullcaps in America, if not the Western Hemisphere. Fashions, rituals, religions and cultures jostled for attention in the brick walls of his factory shadowed by the Bridge. Records showed that matt could have given 1 free kippah to every Jewish male in the US, if he had the inclination to such philanthropy. But the A-1 Skullcap kippot Company was a business, not a charity, and was powered by a crack squad of tailors, who could stitch, sew the logos of any professional sports team, or any personalized gear. All Juan or Carlos needed was twenty-four hours a picture on yarmulkes, and they could replicate any image in painstaking detail. As for those who wanted their caps without design, matt had leather kippot in every color and any size. He had knit srugot, hearty and rich in color as an Israeli bar, kippot from Buchara, Yemen, Uganda, in faux fur, and camouflage. For the amateur, he palmed off unwieldy felt ones that accumulated lint and could not fit on the head at any angle, and for the pampered elementary school students dressed by their mothers, he had a set to match any their outfits.

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