Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hanukkah Gifts

Hello, here we are getting ready for Hanukkah 2009 and we are getting ready to give some Hanukkah gifts for our family and friends.

Some would say Hanukkah gifts for kids some would say some Hanukkah gelt.

or you can also get some Hanukkah baskets.

I would also like to leave you with a nice Hanukkah tunes.

Hello, I'm Russ Handler with another tip on Hanukkah. Hey, how about giving those gifts? Well, my friends, there's lots of things to consider. Jews have been giving gelt to friends and family since the 17th century. Just recently, during the 19th century, it's become a more elaborate. Chose your gifts widely; when I was a child, usually on the first night of Hanukkah we got something really big. The second, third and forth night it could have been something very practical such as a watch or even underwear and socks. Something simple, but something new and something to present during Hanukkah.

When you're choosing your gifts consider your budget, of course, and don't go overboard. One of my favorite gifts that I gave to my brother last year, was this. This is Hebrew beer. It's very special, a six-pack of this cost me $7.50. It was very affordable, it was enjoyable, he loved it and we all got a big kick out of it.

Consider something that's going to have longevity. This is one of my favorite things, right here; this book is the Jewish Family Celebration: The Sabbath Festivals and Ceremonies a great book that just really highlights Jewishness at its best.

For the young kids, give them something as well, that they are going to enjoy. It doesn't have to be spectacular. This book, here, for instance; Hanukkah Lights, Hanukkah Nights. It's a great read for any small child, it's very colorful and they will enjoy it very much.

Most importantly, don't stress out over the gifts that you choose for Hanukkah. Hanukkah is about family, friends and the menorah and of course, Mr. Mazal for good luck. I'm Russ Handler and I'll see you in Temple.

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