Monday, November 15, 2010

Shopping for Hanukkah gifts – adventure and fun

Shopping for Hanukkah gifts – adventure and fun

With the approaching of the holiday season, there’s one thought that occupies minds of people all over the world. Even though they might be swept by the magical atmosphere that seems to spread around faster by the minute, they all wonder what they should give the people they love and care about.

Shopping for Hanukkah gifts doesn’t differ from deciding on a present for other occasions and respectively, might turn out to be quite tricky. Basically, there are certain do’s and don’ts one might want to have in mind when picking the right present.

Hanukkah gifts don’t need to be necessarily related to the religious background of the holiday but if you wish to opt for tradition, you could use some of the following ideas: a menorah (the large candelabra with 9 slots for candles) as it is probably the best known symbol of Hanukkah; a Tzedakah bank that symbolizes charity and resembles one of the most important virtues Tora teaches. It is also a part of the lesson taught by the act of giving Hanukkah gelt among the other Hanukkah gifts. Actually, there’s little to no chance of making a mistake if you opt for any of these.

If you’re shopping for presents for kids, don’t feel obliged to think of 8 different Hanukkah gifts. There aren’t very many families who still follow that tradition nowadays. The only but more expensive gift grows more popular – however, if you wish to stick to Hanukkah’s tradition, decide on a budget and try not to splurge.

If you’re looking for Hanukkah gifts for kids, you might be even more creative and break loose from traditions. All you need is to try and imagine what the person you are shopping for would like and then find it. Although it might seem complicated, it’s not that hard at all. Just don’t panic and put your heart into finding the Hanukkah gifts your loved ones would enjoy. They would certainly appreciate the effort.

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Lis said...

Yes, just like the old saying goes, it's the thought that counts. Shopping during holidays is really exhausting, and your loved ones will surely appreciate it having your gift. :)

Lis @ Best Kippah