Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Kosher for Passover Cake and Cookies

Passover is fast approaching and we need to get all our passover food in time. Lets start with the passover cakes it looks so good so here is my list

Passover Chocolate BrowniesPrice: $7.99 per piece

Passover Chocolate LoafPrice: $7.99 per piece

Passover Marble CakePrice: $7.99 per piece

Passover Nut LoafPrice: $7.99 per piece

Passover Sponge LoafPrice: $7.99 per piece

Passover Chocolate Roll CakePrice: $7.99 per piece

or if I need some passover cookies here is my list

Passover Leaf Cookies Price: $7.99 per piece

Passover Sandwich Cookies Price: $7.99 per piece

Passover Rainbow Cookies Price: $7.99 per piece

Passover Chocolate Baby Fingers Price: $3.99 per piece

Passover Button Cookies Price: $7.99 per piece

Sugar Free Passover CookiesPrice: $9.99 per piece

Sugar Free Jam Cookies (Passover)Price: $9.99 per piece

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