Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jelly Beans and Jordan Almonds

So we are done shopping for the Passover season. We got the passover gift baskets and the passover cakes cookies and it time to move on, to the regular shopping for all year round. So lets start with some Jelly Beans in all colors like Red Jelly Beans . And we go on to the Jordan Almonds yes the famous wedding favors wedding candy white Jordan almonds are the most popular wedding candy silver Jordan almonds and gold Jordan almonds are also very popular. Some also get rock candy as a wedding favor rock candy also comes in a large variety of colors like pink rock candy or blue rock candy this gives us a lot of time to thing what type of bulk candy we want to get for any wedding candy did I say kosher yes its Kosher Candy. And how about some nuts but dont go nuts.

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