Friday, May 09, 2008

Bulk candy that is kosher

Today i am looking to get some good bulk candy. the catch is that it needs to be kosher yes kosher candy is what i am looking for the right place to get it. So I am looking to get some bulk jelly beans and some bulk jordan almonds and i would like to ad some bulk rock candy and yes its all kosher. its certified under the certification of the OK. so what makes a candy kosher. Its the ingredients that are in the candy must not have any ingredients of non kosher animals and so on.. putting on a kippah will not make it kosher.

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Organic_Dad said...

There is a great company called Pure Fun Confections that makes certified Kosher, organic, vegan, gluten free candy. It is available in bulk and prepackaged.
They ship worldwide.

This candy is manufactured without the use of artificial colors, pesticides, or toxic chemicals of any kind and is absolutely delicious.

Go to their website to see the products they offer... there's lots!